Screwdrivers Set, 7 PCS, Magnetic Head – Ronix Tools



Variety of Size, Variety of Usage
It is a must-have item for any different toolboxes and workshops with numerous sizes. Any screws with their specific uses need a variety of drive sizes and shapes. With the slot and phillips drive heads in different sizes and normal rods with different heights and Christal handles, Ronix RH-2701 & RH-2702 Cr-V 7Pcs Screwdriver Set is the choice of anyone with any screwing needs. Their rods are manufactured from high quality Cr-V steel to secure effective performance and durability. The design of ergonomic anti-roll hex grips in RH-2701 and RH-2702 is a considerable option in these models among other Ronix Screwdrivers to deliver simple but efficient and high-quality hand tools to the operator.


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